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Sanctified Imagination   Divine Inspiration 


My Faith


Committed to being Christ-like, not just the title of Christian.

 I view Jesus as a counterculture revolutionary he professed unconditional love, reached out to those on the margins, and was radically inclusive.

Academic Presentations

Oversexualization of Black Women & Girls

In this presentation I break down the ways that Black women and girls are oversexualized. The systems that disregard and harm them will be named. Utilizing the model created by Natasha Crooks MPH, the church can implement specific protection habits at each stage on the path to adulthood. 


White Savior Complex In Social Justice Work

I explain how the portrayal of Jesus as a white person perpetuates the idea that power is tied to whiteness.  Drawing from the framework of liberation theology, connect with Jesus as Liberator. Aligning with the call to move from ally to accomplice on the path to equity.

Perhaps this is the moment for which you were created.

Esther 4:14

"Reclaiming Christian" 

Mark 11:12​-25

"Being a Conduit"

Psalm 112

United Church of Christ Serenity Prayer Sermon Series

Doss Sermon.pptx (7).jpg
Doss Sermon_edited.jpg
Doss Sermon.pptx (5).jpg

My heart, soul, and mind were impressed, nurtured, and challenged 

by your message. 

~ S.A.

 I loved all your references and your scripture pick. 

To more love, divine rage, and justice in all the places.

~ E.J.

Holding calm clear presence with fierce energy and calling to action without shaming.

~ K.M.

Let's create accessible, inclusive, and uplifting environments together.

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