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Diversity: Who is present?    Equity: Who has what they need?    Inclusion: Who is missing? 

Belonging: Who was invited, welcome, respected, and celebrated?

A person’s activities are limited not by the impairment or condition but by the environment.

My Framework is the Social Model of Disability

 Assessment-Based Intercultural Work


Conflict Style Inventory ®


This plots your communication style on a quadrant noting the degree of directness and emotional expression. Provides an opportunity to reflect on how one's approach to conflict may be received by others. It identifies particular countries, races, and cultural groups that also use discussion style,  engagement style, accommodation style, or dynamic style. 

Which style do you use? 


Development Inventory ®


This assesses your approach in diverse groups and your capacity to address various cultural needs. After completion, engage in an explanatory debrief to review your profile-specific behaviors and outline a thorough plan of activities to promote personal growth. 

Where are you on the continuum from a monocultural mindset to an intercultural one? 

® The Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory (ICS) is a registered trademark of ICS Inventory, LLC in the United States, & other countries. 

® The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) and IDP are registered trademarks of IDI, LLC in the United States, & other countries. 

Samantha Carwyn has obtained a license to use these tools from ICS Inventory LLC and IDI LLC 

Let's create accessible, inclusive, and uplifting environments together.

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