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Diversity: Who is present?    Equity: Who has what they need?    Inclusion: Who is missing? 

Belonging: Who was invited, welcome, respected, and celebrated?

A person’s activities are limited not by the impairment or condition but by the environment.

My Framework is the Social Model of Disability

 Assessment-Based Intercultural Work


Conflict Style Inventory ®


This connects your communication style to a particular country and

racial group based on

how direct and emotionally expressive you are. Which quadrant are you in?


Development Inventory ®


This evaluates how you approach culturally diverse groups.

Putting you in one of five categories. Where are you on

the continuum from a monocultural mindset to an intercultural one? 

® The Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory (ICS) is a registered trademark of ICS Inventory, LLC in the United States, & other countries. 

® The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) and IDP are registered trademarks of IDI, LLC in the United States, & other countries. 

Samantha Carwyn has obtained a license to use these tools from ICS Inventory LLC and IDI LLC 

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