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This work is personal individualized; below are options.

Individual Growth

Your Role In Justice Work

Intercultural Development Coaching

Communication Habits & Growth

Privilege & Your Social Location

Intersectional Lens Discussion

(Talk through a plan or idea for feedback)

Boards, Teams, & Small Groups

Building a Diverse Board

Equitable & Effective Meeting Strategies

Identifying Your Approach to Justice Work

Responding to Tokenism (POC)

Equitable Youth/Adult Partnership

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Liberation

Organizational Systems

Strategic Planning

Inclusive Hiring Practices

Policies & Procedures Review

Developing Equitable Evaluations

Evaluate Alignment with Mission, Vision, & Values

Topics, Series, & Culture Work

Tokenism 101

White Saviorism

Beyond Diversity & Inclusive Language

Belonging Series

Coercion In Systems Series

Moving Towards Intercultural Adaptive Culture 

"I appreciate Sam's ability to meet any group

wherever they are in their knowledge base.

All staff had something to gain from this experience! "


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